African safari

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The African continent is arguably one of the world's most fantastic and adventurous destinations. Going on a Safari in Africa is sure to be an exotic and different travel adventure. But being ready is a necessity to assure that you enjoy have a smooth trip. Listed in this article are a few useful tips.


Research your safari destination

Collect as much information as you can about the African country you are looking to visit such as the weather conditions, political climate and modes of transportation. In addition, call up your travel agency. Make sure you completely understand their T&C and the boundaries of of their services. Make sure that you have enough cash to account for your expenses as well as some extra money for emergencies or other unknown costs.

Plan a safari

Inquire at your travel agency about the climate of the destination, they may help you get an idea of what kind of clothes to pack. Don't take lightly the small things like the quality of walking shoes you will be wearing on the journey. Take some pairs that are strong yet comfortable for long walks. Usually, days in Africa are extremely hot – pack a lot of hats, protective eyewear and scarves. But expect cooler temperatures especially by night. You might desire to pack a warm jacket or sweater just in case. Long pants are generally preferred over walking shorts to help keep away flies and mosquitoes.

Safari must have

Load up on mosquito repellents and sunscreen to protect your skin. Take along a medical kit complete with antiseptics, bandages, painkillers, medicine for travel sickness, skin cuts, allergies and diarrhea among others. It might be a good idea to visit your doctor for a thorough medical check-up and even a dental check-up before leaving. If the area you are traveling to is known to have cases of malaria, pack some malaria medication. You can ask your doctor about it. Make sure you find out about the drinking water quality in the location you will be staying in. If you're not confident that it's potable, try to drink only bottled water.

Drinking water

Don't forget to plenty ofwater with you. It would be a good idea to take in liquids every now and then even if you do not feel thirsty yet. This will allow you to avoid getting dehydrated or having a bad heat stroke.

Health and safety

In a foreign country, it's easy to get lost especially if you're a 1st time visitor. The culture could be very different from what you are used to. There are some things we ought to think twice about doing in a different place like as driving. Unless you are thoroughly familiar with the road signs, do not attempt to drive by yourself except when you are with someone who knows the country well. Also be careful with your cash and other expensive possessions such as digital cameras and laptops. Don't attract attention by counting your cash in public. Keep valuables in an plain bag and keep it close to you at all times.

Don't forget these things in mind when get ready for an African Safari. Well-thought out organization and planning are the secrets to enjoying a wonderful, hassle-free vacation.