Jhumpa Lahiri

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Jhumpa Lahiri was born in London in 1967. She was christened Nilanjana Sudeshna. She grew up in Rhode Island. She started writing at a very young age, but her first story was published much later.

She attended Barnard College and majored in English Literature. She, in an interview, said that her first internship got her a computer. That was quite a change from notebooks, which she used to write in. She wrote prolifically. Eventually, she said, she had enough to get her foot in the door of The Creative Writing program in Boston University. She revealed in an interview that she attended school and finished her Masters more out of a sense of duty and that she went through with it because it was practical to do so.

For her post graduate degree, she went to Boston University. She acquired a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and another in Comparative Studies in Literature and the Arts. She went on to acquire a Doctoral degree in Renaissance Studies.

The work

Ms.Lahiri's first story was published in the New Yorker. A collection of her short stories was published eventually under the name Interpreter of Maladies . The short story by the same name was selected for the O Henry Award. In addition, it was selected for The Best American Short Stories. The collection of short stories was very well received and she went on to win the Pulitzer in the year 2000 for it. The Namesake was her next work, and her first novel. She, like her contemporary, Chitra Banerjee Divakruni, explores the world of Indian-Americans in this novel.

The Author lives in Brooklyn, New York and continues to write. Her novel The Namesake is being made in to a film of the same name and is slated for release in the near future.