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1910 was a year that did not have many important events. The most notable ones are considered to be the evolutions in aircraft performance by the Wright Brothers and Henri Coanda and the leadership changes that affected Portugal, Montenegro and The Union of South Africa.

Important events

  • The first important event appeared in Paris on January 16. That was when, caused by heavy raining in the previous days, Seine flooded the city.
  • The month of March saw Albania starting to rise against the supremacy of the Ottoman Empire. A revolt started in April but it had no success because of the intervention of the Turkish army.
  • March 31 – The Union of South Africa was created
  • July 22 saw an important technological break through because of the first ever Zeppelin flight
  • Montenegro proclaimed its independence on the 28th of August, becoming a kingdom under Nicholas I. As opposed, Portugal became a republic on October 5. King Manuel II of Portugal was forced to leave the country and went to England.
  • The Wright Brothers made it possible for the first ever commercial flight to link Columbus to Dayton.
  • November 20 – In Mexico a revolution started. Porfirio Diaz (the president of the time) was attacked by Francisco I. Madero, which proclaimed himself as the new president. He also asked the entire population to aid him overthrown the government.
  • Romanian inventor Henri Coanda became the first person to fly a plane that had a jet engine. He did this on the 16th of December.

Dates of Birth

During 1910 some important birthdays can be numbered. First of all several people that were going to win a Nobel Prize saw their first day of existence or death:

  • French Biologist Jacques Monod (February 9) was later to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine while a previous winner, German Robert Koch was going to die on the 27th of May.
  • People that were going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize born in 1910 are Georges Pire (February 10) and Mother Theresa (27th of August).

Other important dates of birth included:

  • American Actor Al Lewis – April 30
  • T-Bone Walker – an influential American blues singer
  • Elliott Roosevelt – one of the heroes of World War II and a very well known writer.