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Accessibility describes the general usability of the system without modification, when used by a broad range of people, some of which may be disabled. However, it is important to note that accessibility and usability are completely different. Usability refers to how easy to use a device is, while accessibility refers to how various conditions may affect the usage of the device.

Accessibility commonly refers to the way various disabilities influence the usability of a device or system, but it is not its only connotation.

Disabled people

There are various ways in which disabilities can affect the general usability of public systems. This involves the usage of wheelchair ramps, audio signals for pedestrian crossings, Braille signage in addition to usual signage and other similar measures. In many countries, these measures are regulated by disability-related legislation, like the Disability Discrimination Act (in UK) or the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (in Ontario, Canada).


Some areas of the world are easily accessible for people. This includes not only tourists, but also police squads or medical personnel. Other areas, like locations deep into the jungle, are not as easy to access. This involves serious danger, in case of medical emergencies for example.

The ease of access to emergency service is not the only concern in these areas. Access to information, education and entertainment is also more difficult. This is especially troublesome in undeveloped countries, where programs seeking to improve accessibility are seriously impaired by the lack of financial resources.

Some international programs exist in this area, seeking to improve the living conditions of those who live in remote and inaccessible areas.

Art and culture

When used in the context of art, accessibility denotes how easily can piece of cultural work be understood by someone. Accessibility is often seen as having a negative impact against the cultural value of the work itself, since it is often associated with a lack of expression in order to allow those with less cultural education to understand it.