Alexandre Dumas, fils

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Alexandere Dumas, Fils was a famous author and playwright in the nineteenth century. Born as the illegitimate son of Alexandre Dumas, Pere, who was in his own right a well-known author and playwright. Dumas, Fils mother was named Marie-Catherine Lubay who was a clothesmaker in Paris, France where Dumas was born. Alexandre, Fils father laid legal claim to him in 1831, and made sure that Alexandre, Fils had an excellent education at the Institution Goubauv and the College Bourbon. In spite of the superior education, Dumas, Fils because of his mixed race, his great-grandfather was white while his great-grandmother was Hatian, he was continually teased by his classmates. Dumas, Fils died on November 27, 1895, but before he died he wrote thirteen novels, a couple of plays and a semi-autobiographical novel called L'affaire Clemenceau. He was allowed into the Academie francaise in 1874. Dumas, Filas received the Legion d' Honneur in 1894.


Dumas, Fils often wrote about unhappy female characters. This could be because of what happened with his own mother, and the agony she felt when Dumas, Pere was allowed to take Dumas, Fils from her. Also, there was a moral intent in Dumas, Fils work, maybe due in-part because of the way he was treated because of is mixed race.


One of Dumas, Fils well-known works The Lady of the Camellias centers around a courtesan who falls in love. The novel is romantic and tragic. The heroine named Camille sacrifices her happiness for that of her lover who thinks she has betrayed him. By the end of the book, Camille is reconciled with the man she loves but dies of consumption. Dumas, Fils inspiration for Camille was a young courtesan he met when he went to live with his father in Saint-German-en-Laye. The young courtesan name was Marie Duplessis.