All Music Guide

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The All Music Guide (also known as simply AMG) is a special metadata database owned by All Media Guide. Michael Erlewine created it in 1991. The purpose of AMG was to create a guide for consumers and to publish reference books that are updated as often as possible.


The All Music Guide database is formed of four elements:

  1. Basic Metadata – containing basic details like genres, credits, names, copyright and so on
  2. Descriptive Content – the different tones, modes and so on
  3. Relational Content – inner links between similar songs, artists, influences etc.
  4. Editorial Content – user added elements like ratings, reviews and so on

AMG created a huge network of people working with for the project. Besides the needed staff, over 900 music critics fill the database with the needed reviews and biographies. According to specialists, All Music Guides is the biggest digitalized archive of music in the world and is believed to contain more than 6 million songs and the biggest cover art gallery present online. Many popular music players like Windows Media Player or Musicmatch Jukebox use the All Music Guide database to identify and organize the user’s music collection. Starting 2004, it is included in the LASSO media recognition service, which automatically recognizes DVDs, CDs and digital media.