American Cancer Society

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The American Cancer Society began in 1913 when it was founded under the name American Society for the Control of Cancer. It was founded in New York by 15 doctors and businessmen at a time when the disease was the cause of much fear and suspicion.


In 1913, the word cancer was rarely mentioned but was responsible for 75000 deaths in America alone. The Society was founded with the purpose of raising public awareness of the disease. The Women’s Field Army, formed in 1936, played an instrumental role in raising money for the cause and educating the public about cancer. The use of the sword as the symbol of the ACS has its origin in 1928 when it was chosen because it represented the crusading spirit of the movement.

Current activities

The name of the Society was changed in 1945 to the American Cancer Society. Its aim is to fight cancer through research, education, patient service, advocacy and rehabilitation. Since 1946, the ACS has invested nearly $2.7 billion in cancer research. Its education programs focus on, among others, tobacco control, diet and exercise, sun safety and a comprehensive school health program.

It is active in improving laws, regulations and programs as well as offering support and services to all those affected by cancer either directly or indirectly.