Astrology and numerology

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Astrology and numerology are closely inter - twined. Astrology is the study of the effect of planetary positions while numerology stresses the significance of numbers in an individual’s life.

Modern astrology states that the numbers 0 – 9 are each ruled by a planet. The numbers and their corresponding planets are given below :

  • Zero – It is ruled by the planet most away from the sun, Pluto. As Pluto symbolizes transformation, zero is also attributed the same qualities. It is still considered the most complex number. Intensity and depth are its additional attributes.
  • One – It is ruled by the Sun, the giver of life and energy. A strong sense of self – importance and an egoistic nature is associated with this number, being at the very top. It is also considered to be a loner by some.
  • Two – It is ruled by the Moon, which in turn, affects one’s relationships. This number is said embody co-operation and intense emotions.
  • Three – It is ruled by the largest planet of our solar system, Jupiter. It is associated with acquisition of wealth, intellect and happiness. Three is considered to be a lucky number.
  • Four – It is ruled by the red planet, Mars. It symbolizes power and authority and is also an indication of stability.
  • Five – It is ruled by the fiery planet, Mercury. It is associated with communication and wit. A negative characteristic of this number is deception.
  • Six – It is ruled by the planet Venus (God of Love). It symbolizes a harmonious nature coupled with an inclination towards the arts. Money and a flow of energy results when this number is significant.
  • Seven – It is ruled by Neptune. This number is associated with spirituality and the mystics. In extreme cases, its influence may lead to depression when life’s goals have not been attained.
  • Eight – It is ruled by the planet Saturn. Stability, discipline and repentance are key features associated with this number.
  • Nine – It is ruled by the planet Uranus. Eccentricity coupled with a taste for the unusual are associated with this number. An inventive mind with a yearning to discover the unknown is also present.

In addition to the above, the astrological signs are linked to certain numbers. They are as follows :

  • Aries – One
  • Taurus – Two
  • Gemini – Three
  • Cancer – Four
  • Leo – Five
  • Virgo – Six
  • Libra – Seven
  • Scorpio – Eight
  • Sagittarius – Nine
  • Capricorn – Ten
  • Aquarius – Eleven
  • Pisces – Twelve