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So many people will talk about the term audience without really understanding what it means. The audience can be defined as a group of people that watch and interact with literature, a work of art, theatre, music and any performing art or action that allows the presence of the people to watch. This is why you can have an audience at a boxing match, at a theatre play or even while doing a magic trick for your closest friends.

Audience Interaction

While in most cases the audience will think that they do not interact with what they are seeing, you have to know that an audience doesn't exist if it doesn't interact. Interaction is needed, either just by watching and hearing or being physically involved in the action of the performance. Simply by laughing at a joke that has been said on stage or nodding your head to the rhythm of the bass-line you are interacting without even noticing it.

Audience participation

There are types of shows that will rely and ask for audience involvement. For instance there is the improv show. Improv stands short for improvisation. On such a performance you will see an actor or a group of actors that will act without having learnt any lines before the show. They will take themes and actions from the audience and will even use some of them on stage. The improv shows are very popular and, if handled correctly, will provide the audience with a great feeling and will make them laugh. Lately we can notice actors acting out murder mysteries very often. People in the audience will be considered individuals in the play and even murder suspects or policemen. They can talk with the actors and interact at a higher level. You can even consider it a modern, theatre based Role Playing Game. There is also a motion picture called “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. This is a great example of a show that can not take place without the audience participating in it. Different elements and reactions are included based on how the people viewing it are reacting. The DVD will have included several callbacks based on that.