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An author creates a variety of written material, often created professionally. This work can fill a variety of capacities and be fiction or nonfiction, biographical, fantasy, etc. It may be as short as a few words or the next epic novel. An author’s written work can be a story, novel, article, poem or prose, creative writing or technical writing. A skilled author uses language to communicate a variety of ideas on a variety of subjects. Traditionally an author’s material is published. Published works, whether literature or journalism, frequently enhance the cultural landscape of society.

How can an author get published?

In the Internet age, it’s often easy for an author to self-publish by paying for the printing of his or her book. However, the traditional course of action is to have one’s work accepted by a publisher. The easiest way to do this is through either pitch letters or by hiring a literary agent. An agent can guide an author through the process of pitching to publishers, the signing of the contract and any editing of the work that may need to be done.

An author is considered successful if his or her work gets published and he or she gets paid for the work. Publishing can be the printing of a report or story, an excerpt printed in a book or a book printed in its entirety. In the Internet age, publishing can be in an eBook or at a Web site.