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Autosuggestion is a process where individuals train themselves to believe in something so much that it becomes internalized and results in a behaviour or psychology change. This can be achieved through self-hypnosis, repetitive self-affirmation or mental visualization, all of which can be successful strategies if repeated consistently over time. Giving yourself a pep talk, meditation and even prayer can be seen as autosuggestion techniques.

The aim of the exercise is to turn hope into thought which becomes, in turn, action. It is most often a deliberate process but it can also be an unintentional one originating more from the unconscious than the conscious mind. If there are thoughts dominating the mind over a period of time, then that person’s mind may come to internalize them and act upon them. Pathological fixations and obsessions resemble autosuggestion in this way.

One undergoes autosuggestion in the attempt to change beliefs, perceptions or thoughts or to change one’s physical appearance. Before going to sleep at night, for example, one might read a statement describing how they would like to be, and then fall asleep with the mental visualization of it foremost in their minds.

Successful technique

There are many who claim to have successfully achieved their goals using autosuggestion. Increased confidence, conquering phobias and increasing mental capacities have all been attributed to the using of auto suggestive techniques. Some even claim to have become taller, improved their eyesight and banished disease.