Ballet tutu

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A Ballet Tutu is a skirt used in ballet that is worn as a costume. In most cases it also consists of a bodice that is attached to the tutu. It can be layered or single and is tight on the waist because of ribbons used to support it. The term “tutu” comes from “cucu” used in French baby talk to mean which means bottom.


Several types of ballet tutus are available. Their use depends on the type of ballet the ballerina will perform:

  • Classical Bell Tutu: also known as Bell Tutu, it is very similar to a bell in shape and has a bodice attached. It is characteristic to use a wired hoop.
  • Classical Plate Tutu: a tutu that also consists of an attached bodice. It is a tulle skirt that is extending outwards and comes in two varieties:
  1. Powder Puff: including wire hoops in the design
  2. Pancake: using wire spokes
  • Romantic Tutu: it appears with the shape of a bell and is made out of tulle. It also consists of a bodice and cap sleeves. This tutu has been designed to put an emphasize on the lightness needed by ballet dancers in Romantic Ballets.
  • Karinska (Balanchine) Tutu: it is very similar to both the powder puff and bell designed tutus. The only difference stands in using fewer layers of netting and the fact that there will not be any hoops present.

Perfect tutus

A ballet dancer needs to have a perfect tutu so that she can forget about it and focus on dancing. There are some steps that ensure this and they make the dancer feel a lot more secure:

  • wearing dance trunks under the tutu
  • shower right before the performance
  • never eat anything while dressed for the show
  • hands must be clean
  • costumes must be hung upside down
  • do not cover the tutus in plastic bags
  • pay attention when cleaning