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A career is made up of the situations that constitute a person’s work history.

Up until the 20th century, “career” referred to the past jobs a person had held in which he or she earned money. This was because societies were rather static and many workers would inherit their job from their parents, or hold a single position through their lives. As the Enlightenment spread and the focus shifted to the betterment of individuals, careers become possible and expected.

Today, with the Internet and acceptance of people holding multiple types of jobs during their work history, the concept is shifting to include future jobs an individual may hold. This is mostly due to more choices being available and the accessibility of further education for many people.

Career help

Advisors can help people determine their career opportunities by assessing values, personality, skills and interests. Individuals in this profession are typically called career-counseling advisors. They can help people decide whether or not to pursue a career or further their education in a professional or graduate school. Advising is done in both individual and group settings and helps with career placement, planning, learning strategies and development.

Multiple careers

It isn’t uncommon for adults to hold multiple, or dual, careers. This can be either sequentially or concurrently. As a result, professional definitions have become hybrid to shift along with this work ethic. This can include a person working both a full-time and a part-time job, or working two part-time jobs or even providing consulting or contract work in addition to full- or part-time jobs.

Some researchers believe that this is most common among people who work in creative occupations.