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Celebrities appear on a daily basis on our television sets and computer screens, not only in their time slots but also in the many tabloid news channels that were only produced for us to live vicariously through the lives of celebrities.

These celebrities enjoy such glamorous lives packed with spontaneity and decadence which provides a great getaway from the average world known as everyday life. The certainty that their lives are what story book accounts and movies are made of makes it more then typical that the rest of us would take notice.

The question that is repeatedly asked is whether it's the fun-filled lives they live that really is the captivation or if it is the lack of drive in our own lives that makes us so fascinated with these celebrities.

Celebrity fascination

Celebrity obsession is definitely nothing out of the ordinary. If anything you would have reckoned we as a people would have certainly become more accustomed to and quite annoyed with celebrities by now. As far back as you will to go in history you will realize that we have thought of celebrities as almost royalty in the sense that not only does our society feel the need to see and hear their every movement and action of these celebrities but big corporations realize that we value the opinions and endorsement of these superstars more then we rely on our own.

Tune in your television and you will be bombed with celebrities pushing everything from diet plans to fast food chains. Can you honestly believe the irony of all of this? We as a society provide support to these celebrities to such and extent that they reach millionaire status yet we now put them in a situation to make extra money by us trusting the products they promote.

Do you want to be a celebrity?

Do we all actually want to be celebrities? Well, the response is yes and no.

The idea is that not many of us are versatile enough to shine in sports or entertainment and there are a lot of us would not care to be irritated with the burdens that come with the life of a celebrity. However, all of us, whether it is in our home life or at work, do aid and would love to feel appreciation for what we do daily.

  • When was the last time a camera crew got to your house and told you what a beautiful job you had done in designing the interior?
  • When is the last time your Mom was noticed for doing a superb job?

The point I am trying to make clear here is that generally when we think of these celebrities with such idolatry it is not the fact that they are famous and rich that holds our attention, it's just the fact that others care about what they do!

What a fine world it would be if we could all at least play the role of celebrities in our own lives. Cooking our own meals, cleaning up after ourselves and cleaning our own houses may not be glamorous but it can and should be commended. Next time you find that you want to watch and love a celebrity on the television pick up the telephone and give a friend or family member a ring and give them the attention that may allow them feel like these celebrities do.