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A comedian (also referred to as a comic) is an entertainer that makes other people laugh. They are usually an audience and the comedian is using jokes or other special methods of entertainment. A special type of comic is the one that addresses the audience directly and is called a stand up comedian. Female comedians are referred to as comedienne.

Alternative comedy

After 1980 a new type of comedies appeared. They are named “alternative comedies” and are enjoying a constant increase in popularity all around the world. This is mainly because of the topics used and the addressing of problems that have not been touched before. Controversial topics are preferred and any topics that will arouse a sense of laughter or opposed are perfect for alternative comedies.


There are hundreds of thousands of comedians all over the world. They usually become famous only after wining a specialty prize and most of them are just performing in bars and pubs. It is very hard to become famous for the comedian and once there he/she has to work hard to maintain the status. Most of them will tour continuously and will release DVDs of live performances or constantly look for methods to evolve. Several will also get involved in media and look for a TV show or a Movie role.