Corporate image

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A corporate image refers to how a company is viewed by the general public. Another word for “image” is the word “reputation”. A reputation, or image, is how something is seen by the majority of people.

Forming a corporate image

The use of public relations and other forms of promotion can be used to help present a corporation within a positive light. Furthermore, a corporate image is designed to help generate interest among consumers, which helps facilitate increase in that corporation’s sales.

A corporate image is often shaped not only by the corporation itself. The news media, print journalists, labor unions, environmental organizations, and other groups also help shape how a corporation is viewed by the public.

Similar to a corporate image, non-profit groups such as charitable organizations, religious denominations, and educational institutions also work hard to create for them a positive image. This is often done unintentionally by third parties who desire to promote the good work of each of these types of non-profit groups, but sometimes this image can be self-created within each organization.

Effective corporate images

A corporate image, or that of a non-profit group, should be consistent with the mission, product line, service, or any other aspect that makes that organization unique from the rest. For instance, an oil company that wants to have an image of being environmentally friendly should make sure that indeed the products or services they promote are indeed for the purpose of preserving the environment in some way. Furthermore, corporate logos, advertising themes, and distribution centers should all be consistent with the overall corporate image.

For instance, if a corporate structure wishes to create a high end, luxury image then that corporation should not use slapstick comedy advertising themes. Instead they should use themes that represent elegance, such as for a five star hotel that shows pictures of an indoor swimming pool or chandeliers in the hotel lobby.

Not only should a corporate image be consistent with the overall purpose of a corporate organization or similar structure, but it should also be believable. That means that the behaviors of a corporate should be close in comparison to the image that the corporation represents, and present it in a way that the public is convinced that the corporate image is true.