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Death warning is an occult subject which implies the advance warning received by an individual of a another person’s death from paranormal channels. It may be of two types (1) Hallucination (2) Massive sensation, both of which are extra-sensory perceptions.

  1. Hallucinations : A common death omen is seeing the apparition of a living person. It is widely believed that such an omen forebodes the death of the person whose apparition appeared. These warnings are more substantial as opposed to audible hallucinations, in which only a voice is heard and may not be easily identified with a particular person. Sometimes audible hallucinations may be in the form of sounds only like the ringing of bells (death knell)or knocks (death knock). Tactile hallucinations are still more complex and cannot be easily distinguished. Hallucinations of smell are rare but not unheard of. These are the trickiest as a smell may hardly be the basis for identification. These can easily be misread leading to an emotional turmoil for those directly involved.
  2. Massive Sensation : A sudden feeling of depression unconnected with current happenings may overcome a person. It may also take the form of other intense emotions like a sinking feeling or acute numbness. These are usually said to be experienced by those closest to the dying person.

Verified data in support of death warnings exist in the form of circumstantial cases. Phantasms of the Living, published in 1885, is a collection of such undeniably prominent occurrences followed by an in-depth discussion about the proofs and their viability. According to the Census of Hallucinations undertaken in 1889, in 30 out of every 1300 cases a recognized apparition was followed by a death. In other words, 1 out of every 43 died after someone had hallucinated. This figure, though small is not insignificant. It was concluded that death warnings were not mere coincidences, and an inexplicable connection exists which cannot be attributed to chance alone.