Diamond cut

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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but in many ways ... some diamonds are friendlier than others. By this it is meant that there truly is something considered to be the ideal diamond ... must like a true best friend. The perfectly shaped diamond is round in shape and looks perfect on all of its sides. The ideal cut of a diamond renders the stone stunning and brilliant.



Diamond cutting has evolved and improved over time. The practice of cutting diamonds has been around for many years. Beginning in the middle Ages, people took to the cutting of diamonds. In 1476, Lodewyk van Berquem introduced the pear shaped diamond cut. With that said, it was not until the 17th century when truly excellent diamond cutting occurred with the introduction of mazarins.


When all is said and done, there are two factors that relate to a diamond's value. The value of a diamond depends upon both its internal and its external brilliance.

A diamond in a raw state is nothing much to look at. Only after cutting and polishing can the true beauty and splendor of a diamond be displayed and realized.

The second factor that relates to a diamond's value is the so-called "fire" of a stone. This is determined by the manner in which a diamond is cut. The height and angles of the cuts on the diamond are what really matters when it comes to the matter of diamond fire.

Choice of cuts

When considering different diamond cuts, there are a number of different factors that need to be taken into consideration. There are a number of different cuts that can be considered when trying to create the most attractive and stunning stone. These include:

  • Round cut - As referenced previously, the round cut was the creation of Tolkowsky many years ago. Even in today's world, the round cut is the most favored of all of the diamond cuts. It is the desired cut because of its fantastic optics and sales demand.
  • Fancy cut - Fancy cut diamonds are in great demand in the 21st century. This cut keeps the shape and proportion of the diamond nearly the same. Many of the more fashionable cuts sported by people in today's world are described technically as fancy cut diamonds.
  • Modified brilliant cut - This is the most popular of the fancy cut designs in this day and age. The modified brilliant cut resembles the round cut in many ways. However, it is not of a perfectly round shape.
  • Step cut - A step cut diamond is one that is square with rectilinear facets. These facets are step cut stones.
  • Mixed cut - The mixed cut diamond is one that is a combination of both modified as well as step cuts. This cut incorporates the brilliance inherent in the step cut diamond and the dimensions of the modified brilliant diamond. It is becoming an ever more popular diamond cut style.
  • Rose cut - This cut dates back to the 16th century. More often than not the rose cut is used for melee diamonds.


The grading of diamonds is performed by professional grading labs. When it comes to the grading of an ideal cut diamond, a consideration is made of the light dispersal of the diamond as well as where the balance exists between the pavilion angles and the crown itself. The AGA is the leading and the strictest of all diamond graders in operation in the world today.