Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway is considered one of the greatest American authors to ever put pen to paper. His short stories and novels often depicted scenes of Hemingway’s real life experiences as well as his fabricated life experiences. He was a minimalist and the master of understatement. His main characters were often modeled after who he thought he was- stoic, brave and adventurous. Many of his novels are considered American classics.


Hemingway lived a full life. His travels brought him to the front lines of battle and to the bulls of Spain. He married four times, fathered four children and drank excessively. His adventures were the subjects of his writings. His adventures were also the cause of many injuries. While on safari in Africa, Hemingway almost died in a plane crash and was burned in a bush fire. He earned the scar on his forehead when he mistakenly pulled a skylight on his head. He was drunk at the time and thought he was flushing the toilet. While at fighting overseas, Hemingway often exaggerated stories that would leave him the hero. For example, he once bragged that he and his own partisan group took part in the liberation of Paris. His friends disagreed that he liberated anything but the bar but do agree that he was there when the liberation occurred.


Hemingway authored ten fiction novels including two that were published posthumously. One novel, “The Old Man and the Sea”, earned him both the Pulitzer Prize and the Noble Prize for Literature. Four works of non-fiction are credited to his name including “A Moveable Feast” which was published after his death. Eleven short story collections have been released including three published posthumously. His most famous short stories include “The Killers”, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” and “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” Originally, Hemingway snubbed the novel as an obsolete vehicle but he was moved to write them after reading Fitzgerald’s manuscript for “The Great Gatsby.”


Hemingway lived an adventurous life. From chasing the bulls in Pamplona to going on safari in Africa, fro the Spanish Civil War to World War I and from Cuba to key West, Hemingway’s life was the stuff to write about. Unfortunately, that adventurous life was cut short when the author shot himself in the head. He had been under treatment for depression often and had received ECT treatments. Some speculate that his long battle with diabetes was the cause for his mental distraction and yet others blame bipolar disorder for the depression. Whatever the reason, Hemingway left behind his legacy in his writings.