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Fashion is about ready to wear and haute couture clothing. However, most people only wear and purchase ready to wear fashions although they do look at the exclusive fashions boutiques on Fifth Avenue in New York City and all of the fashion shops in countries in the world, especially, Paris, France, London, England, and Rome, Italy. Today, Japan has entered into the high fashion market. Japan sells much denim to tourists in their fashion districts.


Almost anything today counts as fashion and fashion accessories. Here are some of the most common fashions and fashion accessories:

  • Trench coats
  • Madras pants and shirts
  • Anything made of Denim
  • Purses
  • Hobo bags
  • Baby doll dresses
  • Metallic Belts that is mostly either gold or silver
  • Hats, especially for women.

Types of fashion

There are many types of fashion. The most well known types of fashions are placed into two main categories. These fashion categories are haute couture and ready to wear clothing. Most people purchase ready to wear clothing. Therefore, ready to wear clothing is produced on a much wider scale than haute couture clothing. Ready to wear clothing can be purchased at retail stores like Wal-Mart and Target and department stores like Dillard’s and JC. Penney. Some fashion designers have created a line of clothing for certain retail stores. For example, Isaac Mizrahi designs a line of fashion clothing exclusively for Target stores. In addition, people can get upscale ready to wear clothing at Banana Republic and Anthropologie.