Film crew

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While the cast of a film are the people who get the glory when a film is released, it is the film crew who are responsible for making it. The crew consists of those with the cameras, the lighting technicians, the make up artists and the sound recording technicians, to name but a few. They differ to the cast, who are the actors we see performing on screen, and the producers who work directly for the studio. Many film crews are hired by the studio for one specific film, either individually or as a group who regularly work together.

Makeup artist

In the world of film everyone being filmed wears makeup. The strong lights used to ensure the picture is recorded with clarity can make the actor appear pale and highlight any imperfections or blemishes they may have. As such they are all required to wear makeup, both male and female. One or more makeup artists are used to apply the makeup on to every actor. This usually serves to make them appear more attractive, younger, fresher faced and flawless although sometimes the role can call for more intense makeup. Scars, blood, even monster appearances can be achieved by clever application of makeup. For this reason the makeup artists used on big budget films will have qualifications in the subject and are artists in their own right.


Working closely with the makeup artist is the hairdresser. They are responsible for ensuring that the hair of all of the actors is exactly as required and this may include applying a wig or hairpiece if necessary, as well as cutting hair if required.


The clothing of the actors is vital to complete and compliment the look that has been achieved by hair and makeup artists. The costume designer works closely with the director to gain an understanding of the character in order to understand the type of clothing they would wear. Many characters have an article of clothing which has become iconic to the role that they played, highlighting the importance of the wardrobe department.