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A hairdresser is a professional person who cuts or styles hair.


Famous hairdressers

Many famous hairdressers also have hairstyling products named after them. Famous hairdressers include:

  • Leo Forsythe
  • Rodolfo Valentin
  • Patrick Ales
  • Jean Claude Gallon
  • Luis Llongueras
  • Ana Karin
  • Louse Rusk
  • Jay Sebring
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Toni & Guy


Another term often used for hairdressers that style only men’s hair is a “barber.” Barbers typically operate out of barbershops.

Becoming a hairdresser

Depending on location, many hairdressers are required to undergo some education or obtain a license. This can be accomplished at a beauty school or through a similar program. After a license is obtained an apprenticeship of some sorts is usually required, which involves shadowing a successful hairstylist or working in shop as a volunteer. This will also help one develop letters of reference and experience. Most hairdressers usually then must apply for a position at a beauty salon, where they typically work as an independent contractor, paying the salon owner a percentage of their earnings.


Many hairdressers can specialize in a particular field. This will also make one an attractive and more appealing candidate during the interview process. Different specialties can involve men or women, coloring (also known as colorists) or any variety of hairstyles.


Many hairstylists are expected to work nights and weekends since many people visiting salons frequent them after work or on days off from work. They are often expected to maintain a trendy, stylish appearance and engage in conversation with all customers. They’re expected to be on their feet and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.