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The home page is the first Web page of a Web site that a user will visit. Sometimes it is the only page that the user will see if the Web site is only one page in depth, but usually it serves as the main entrance for a Web site and contains links to other Web pages within the Web site.


It is important for a Web site to have a home page that captures the user’s attention. Without a captivating home page, the user may quickly lose interest and move on to another Web site as they surf the Web. This can be especially detrimental for businesses that use the home page as a tool to attract potential customers. Not only is it important to have a home page that looks nice graphically and has good content, but it is also important that it loads quickly no matter what browser the user may be using or how they connect to the Internet. While home pages that contain fancy graphics and animations may load quickly for broadband users, it will take a much longer time for those with dialup connections who may soon lose patience and move on to another Web site.

Search Engine Optimization

Home pages play an important role in search engine optimization, which is the art and science of achieving a high ranking with search engines and directories such as Yahoo! and Google. A high ranking for a Web site means that it appears on the first few pages of a keyword search. Many Web-based businesses want high rankings, because it increases their chances of drawing potential customers. Having a home page that is well structured and contains relevant keywords will help it achieve a higher rank, because it makes it easier for search engines to index.