How to be the life and soul of a party or social gathering

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To be the life and soul of a party or social gathering requires you to come out of your shell and let go. If you are a person who is usually reserved and shy and feel all the more bashful in a party then it is time you made your presence felt and get to know the difference between being a wallflower and the life of a party. Here are some handy hints to guide you.

A few suggestions

  1. Dress well and be properly spruced up. Have a bath before the party and wear clean and fresh clothes. Men can get a hair cut while girls need to go for understated make up. Wash your hair get it set if need be and get a pedicure and a manicure. Dab your favorite perfume and feel confident of looking your best.
  2. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. Wear an outfit that looks good on you, it will give you an extra boost of confidence.
  3. Do not be self conscious. Feel comfortable and let yourself go. Try not to think of what other people might be thinking and act natural. Before you know it you will be in the swing of things and having fun time. You will be amazed at the picture you present and the admiring looks that you get.
  4. Talk to as many people as you can and move around. Look people in the eye when talking show interest in their conversation. Say witty things and let your laugh be free when you feel like laughing.


  • Smile brightly when you talk to people.
  • Be sure to let everyone know that you are going when you leave. Have fun and enjoy yourself and it will show in your face.


  • Don’t slink in when you enter the party or slink out when you leave. Let everyone know that you are going.
  • Don’t allow yourself to give in to panic attacks in the middle of the party.