How to deal with problems concerning relationships

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To deal with problems concerning relationships require you to look deep into your own self and discover shortcomings that you need to work on. Living in a close relationship with a person is a source of comfort, support and fun but also at times it is a source of pain, frustration and distress. Problems can occur in relationships due to many reasons both individual as well as due to pressures from outside. Since each situation is different, you will have to use your resourcefulness, along with good communication skills and other strategies, to decide what to do and what action to take each time a difficult situation comes up or you become aware of a difference that is keeping your friendship from being a good one. Here are some things that you can do to improve your relationship.

A few suggestions

  1. Poor or no communication is one of the commonest reasons for relationship failures. When people do not talk with each other it can cause a lot of distress and tension within a relationship. Voice your feelings. A person is not always aware of what you have and what you want.
  2. You must not only talk, you also must learn to listen. People like to be listened to attentively and appreciate it if you pay attention to what they say. Take time out to listen to them and if possible suggest ways out of their problems.
  3. Arguments lead to fights and fights lead to poor problem solving attitudes. So avoid arguments and deal with problems without letting ego coming in between. Do not always be concerned with putting your point across and considering your view to be the correct one. If you find that you were wrong, apologize as soon as possible and find it in your heart to forgive the other person if you were right.
  4. Learn to trust the other person. Every relationship worth its name is built on trust and respect for each other. They are like food and water to the relationship, without which your relationship might die.


  • Be kind to each other and take their shortcomings within your stride.
  • Respect their philosophy in life and understand personal values.


  • Don’t tell lies and make excuses, this will certainly not save your relationship.