How to evade attracting attention and notice

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To evade attracting attention and notice is not very difficult if you follow certain patterns of dressing and behavior. You also need to ascertain that even though people see you your presence does register in their minds. You need to be commonplace and nondescript, absolutely defying description and ordinary enough to become lost in a crowd of two. Here are some handy hints for you to accomplish your ambition of becoming a part of the furniture.

A few suggestions

  1. You probably do not nurture this ambition as a life-long one, but require it for an outing or a party where you do not want to be particularly noticed. What you need to focus on is the kind of crowd that you would need to mingle with, the type of people, their clothes and behavior.
  2. Wear clothes that are ordinary, everyday, and routine. If you don’t want to be nattily dressed, neither do you want to be downright dowdy. People will notice both. If you wear clothes like most of the people are wearing, only in duller colors, you will have achieved your purpose.
  3. Do not do anything to draw attention to yourself. Do what the rest of the crowd is doing only be understated in your actions. Do not be the only one not to dance or the only one not to talk or eat etc.
  4. Remain in a large group and do not start or end conversations. Avoid eye contact and personal references and keep your conversation dull and uninspiring, so that the other person does not later recall what you talked about.


  • Keep moving from one place to another, only do it casually and without attracting attention. If you stay in one place long, people might notice your presence.


  • Talk loudly and vociferously about anything even though you have a strong opinion about the topic under debate.