How to keep love alive

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To Keep Love Alive does not only require having great fun, romantic candle light dinners or a great sex life but a strong sense of commitment and among other things trustworthiness, dependability and responsibility. Couples who remain devoted to each other and deeply in love even after years and years of marriage are not just lucky; they have their basics in place. Frivolous adrenaline highs things will not sustain a marriage but respect for each other and a caring emotional bond will. Let us try to line up some pointers to keeping the flame of love burning bright.

A few thumb rules

  1. Tell the truth – always and unconditionally. Relationships that have their basis in truth survive many ups and downs. Telling the truth is also a great way to bond with your spouse.
  2. Look your partner in the eye when talking to him/ her. Eye contact also ensures complete attention on the part of your spouse.
  3. Spend time together, anyhow, any which way. Go shopping, watch movies, go dancing, golfing, camping, hiking or even attend some course together (Example: a week of Thai cooking).
  4. Do something unexpected for your partner at least once a week. Leave work a little early and turn up at their office when they are getting ready to leave for home, write a small love poem and leave it under their pillow, call up just to hear their voice or give them a foot massage – anything.
  5. Show appreciation for what they do for you, what they mean to you, let them know how lucky you are to have them.


  • Listen and lend a ready ear. It is not always necessary for you to talk and advise, you can do much more just by being there and listening to problems, to achievements and if for nothing else then to just to help them unwind
  • Make an extra effort to make your partner feel special, cut a bowl of their favorite flowers, put on their favorite music, let them feel pampered.


  • Don’t expect your partner to make all the moves or expect them to make the next move when you have made one, i.e. don’t make your relationship one of give and take, just give and before you know it you will be receiving much more.