How to love other people

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To love other people is very easy because all of us desire to be loved and the most effective way to do it is to love others. What you give comes back full circle. If you give out hate you are bound to get hate and if you give warmth you will attract warmth. Our need to be loved is as profound as it is instinctive and we require love as much as fresh air. When you love people they are bound to love you back and love always begets more love and before you know it you will be surrounded with people who love you and wish you the best in everything that you do. Here’s a simple list of how to love others and have them love you back.

A few suggestions

  1. Do for others what you think you would like others to do for you. Look for their good points instead of always finding faults in them. This should make you attractive in other people’s eyes.
  2. Be happy and upbeat. People hate to be around someone who is always whining and complaining. If you always try to be full of joy and good cheer you will find that people want to stay around you.
  3. To show that you love someone and take pleasure in their company, you must communicate that feeling of love. You must voice your appreciation and let others know how much you value them. You can say things like, ‘you are so good with children’ or, ‘it was very nice of you to make time to come here today’, without sounding obsequious.
  4. To receive love you must first practice giving it to others, not only to people whom you naturally love like your parents or your children and friends but people whom you don’t know and don’t necessarily care for.


  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or visit patients at the local hospital.
  • Love without expecting anything in return (even love) and you will find satisfaction that is deep and fulfilling.


  • Don’t be occupied in only gathering pleasure but try and spread it instead.
  • Don’t give others pain, don’t criticize and don’t be patronizing.