Hubert and Abby

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Hubert and Abby , a comic strip by Mel Henze illustrates the entertaining life Hubert, Abby, and Turtle, the three main characters.

Abby is a technologically challenged nurse lovingly tolerating her two companions. She loves nature and appreciates good literature.

Hubert’s wish is to know to which species he belongs. He is unsure as to whether he is a guinea pig or maybe a hamster He also would like to take advantage of current technological advances. Unfortunately, he is frustrated by Abby's inability to embrace the high-tech world. When not trying to convince Abby of the merits of a home computer, Hubert finds great ways to entertain himself, one of his latest activities was browning marshmallows. Although instread of a camfire, he did it over Abby's toaster.

Contrasting Hubert’s brash personality, his sidekick Turtle loves to read in a natural setting, and loves to quote Thoreau. Turtle, sometimes gets caught unassumingly in Hubert's schemes.

Other characters that show up on occasion are:

  • Josh, a young amputee who shows up at the hospital
  • Mr. Gronkin, extended care curmudgeon
  • Stan, the worker in the morgue

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