Human resource management system

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Human Resource Management Systems alternatively named as ‘Human Resource Technology’ or ‘Human Resource Module’ includes both Human Resource and Information Technology has emerged into well streamlined methods and packages of ‘Enterprise Resource Planning software’. This software application is of two types ie rigid and flexible. Most of the organizations reduce the manual workload in maintaining employee’s records. The information records on employee’s personal, official and technical data can be introduced into Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). Generally HR executives depend on both internal and external IT professionals in maintaining their HRMS data. The Client Server HRMS is helps the smaller and larger organizations at an affordable cost.

Software development

HRMS Software was developed in four functional areas and most of the HRM works are carried out in these areas:

  • ‘Payroll module’ automates the payment process by collecting data on time and attendance of their staff, helps the firm in calculating various deductions and taxes and generating periodic pay cheques and employee tax reports. It sends all types of information on accounting to the main ledger for further posting and ultimately to a pay cycle.
  • ‘Time and Labor’ management module applies latest technology and automated methods to gather and evaluate employee time/work date, subsequently to calculate and consolidate information. The most specialized modules provide broader flexibility in utilizing comfortable data collection methods. They are important ingredients to establish well organized cost accounting capabilities.
  • ‘Benefit administrator module’ is right tool for HR professionals to easily access, execute and monitor the employee participation in benefits oriented schemes like healthcare, insurance policy, pension plan, loans, profit sharing or stock option plans.
  • ‘HR management module’ is a consolidated component covering all the other Human Resource issues ranging from application processing, joining duty, to retirement. The system maintains basic personal management data like demographic and address, selection, training and development, capabilities and skills management, compensation planning records and other related activities.

While using the internet or company intranet as a vehicle for communication and workflow, state of the art HRMS technology converts these data modules into web-based HRMS components. This reduces the transaction costs, leading to greater HR and organisational efficiency on long run.

Software packages

The main EHRMS software packages are developed from the firms like:

  1. SAP
  2. Lawson
  3. Oracle
  4. Microsoft

HRMS is a boon to the IT firms, corporate companies, hospitals, production and marketing firms, where ever management of manpower is required.