Hurricane shutters

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Hurricane shutters are coverings for windows and glass doors typically made of steel or aluminum that secure the exterior of houses and provide increased protection against very high velocity winds. Hurricanes happen with a sickening regularity and very destructive hurricanes happen every few years. In the main, damage is caused to households that are not fully prepared to for the natural upheaval with appropriate protection. Hurricane shutters have been proven to decrease the potential storm damage and many states in America that are prone to hurricanes are beginning to make hurricane shutters mandatory for all new homes being built.

Why hurricane shutters

It is a simple derivation that both windows and glassed doors are a major drawback in the face of a destructive hurricane. They offer no interior protection from gale force winds and flying objects. When shattered, flying glass is a serious hazard and once the storm has passed, glass on the floor of homes is also dangerous. But hurricane shutters are the antidote to this problem by offering solid protection from both shattered glass and flying objects.

Many people try the cheaper way out by taping and using plywood to board up windows. Tape is not effective because the glass shatters and the parts not attached to the tape go flying. Plywood is a better option but it needs to be at least 5/8 of an inch think in order to be effective but nailing up the windows just before the storm hits is simply not practical.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

  • Roll Down Shutters Housed in a box above the window
  • Accordion Shutters Housed in a box beside the window
  • Storm Panel Shutters Stored away when not in use
  • Bahama Shutters Function also as a sun shade
  • Awning Shutters Fold down for inclement weather

Of all the different kinds of shutters mechanical hurricane shutters that open and close by a switch are the most practical as they require very little time and effort to open.