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A lecturer in common parlance may be a term used for a teacher, most often a college professor, who uses lectures as the primary means of teaching. He/ she is a university academic who has both teaching and research obligations but who is not a full professor.

Lecturer defined

A lecturer or senior lecturer has major teaching responsibilities and often research responsibilities in the department. They are the core academic staff in the department. A class may have the same lecturer throughout the semester; however some lectures may be given by other people who are specialists in that particular area.

In different countries

In the hierarchical system of the English universities the academicians, in ascending order, are known as lecturers, senior lecturers and principal lecturers/ readers. This three tiered formation is comparable to the American nomenclature – assistant, associate and full professors in that order. In United Kingdom, the title professor is set aside for the really senior academicians and may be compared to the chaired professors in the U.S.

Australia and New Zealand by and large follow the U.K. system with a few leanings towards the system in the U.S. They have adopted the term associate professor but the nomenclature bears little similarity in terms of position. Thus, a lot of confusion occurs when the term is applied.

In America the term lecturer is considered synonymous with Instructor or Adjunct, who is an academician of not the same repute or position as a professor. In fact most U.S. universities set aside the posts of lecturers only for undergraduate students or for courses that have limited enrollments. More often than not these lecturers themselves are students who are working towards their doctorate or are fresh Ph.D recipients awaiting calls from colleges.