Les Blank

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Les Blank, the founder of Flowers Films, a production company that produces film documentaries primarily about the lives of American musicians. The musicians about which he produces films perform(ed) traditional American music, such as polka, blues, Appalachian and creole.

Flowers Films produces independent films about the musicians, many of whom are deceased upon production, through the assistance of grant money provided for by agencies specializing in cultural studies.

The unique factor in Blank’s productions is that he focuses his work not only on capturing the life story of the musician with a discography, but also in capturing the true essence of the music the artist created. He investigates and portrays the cultural significance of the artists’ work.

Blank has not limited his work to producing films about musicians, his other documentaries range in topic from gap-toothed women to garlic.

Completing his formal education at Tulane University in New Orleans, Blank attained both a B.A in English Literature and an MFA in Theater. It was upon completion of his graduate studies that Blank founded Flower Productions.