Mad Libs

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Mad Libs are a Nonsensical Word game that originated in the 1950s. The game comes in a paper tablet, and players filling words of appropriate type of word (i.e., nouns,verbs, adjectives, colors, etc).

The reader asks each player in turn, to provide one of the words required to complete the Mad Lib. Once all of the blanks are filled in, the reader reads the Short Story, filling in the blanks for a comical read.

Many different varieties of Mad Libs are available now, in comparison to the original offerings. There are themed books for every holiday and type of party. There is now also an electronic game available.

An example of what a Mad Lib looks like follows:

...and the (animal) (past tense verb) over the moon.

The players might say animal = dog and past tense verb = ran.

The story would read, "and the dog ran over the moon."

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