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As DVD’s have grown in popularity more and more special features have evolved, a popular one being the making-of documentary. This is a film which shows the audience how the film is put together, with the filming of the main film being recorded. This can be very informative as it often contains interviews with key members of the production team, such as the director or producer, and perhaps even the cast members. It is also gives the viewer the chance to see what happens behind the scenes once the main filming has been stopped and the director has called cut.


While most making-of documentaries appear on standard films starring human actors, the process of making an animated film is largely unexplored. In 2003 the animation company Pixar decided to include a making-of documentary on their fifth DVD release, Finding Nemo. Pixar use computer generated animation in their films, rather than hand drawn images, and they offer an insight into how this process works. Allowing the viewer to watch the process is both interesting and valuable and this 25 minute documentary was well received by both adults and children for its informative and entertaining presentation.

Burden of Dreams

The film entitled Burden of Dreams is not available on DVD but a making-of documentary has been released separately to the film on VHS and is entitled Burden of Dreams: Making Fitzcarraldo . Interestingly, this is an example of a making-of documentary which many critics believe is actually superior in quality to the film itself.