Medical education

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Medical education is the education related to medicine and the medical practice, before or after one has been certified as professional medical practicant. Medical education is a very active area of educational research, with several methods used and continuously experimented.


The medical education begins at a medical school, which involves third-level courses. Whether they are graduate-entry or undergraduate-entry programs depend on the local medical and educational laws.

The common methodology involves dividing studies in two parts: pre-clinical and clinical studies.

  • Pre-clinical studies are studies in which the basic sciences of medicine are taught, including anatomy, physiology, pathology etc.
  • Clinical studies involve the teaching of certain areas of the medical science and practice, like pediatry, psychiatry, surgery etc. The number of medical schools detaching from this model is, however, increasing, with many medical schools choosing an integrated, system-based curricula, or a problem-based learning paradigm.

The studies often have a longer duration that in other fields, as the amount of knowledge required for correct practice is considerable and the problems to be encountered cannot be predicted completely. In some countries, medical schools require a bachelor's degree in a field of study, usually a biological science. The last one or two years of entry-level medical education often involves teaching in hospitals, but without regular practice from the students.


Under most jurisdictions, medical school graduates are not immediately certified as doctors. Instead, they must undertake a period of practice under supervision, usually referred to as "internship". Some local medical laws require all diagnosis or prescriptions made by the interns to be countersigned by a certified and registered doctor. It is also common to continue the training after graduation, although medical laws in some countries require the graduate to take unstreamed training for a certain amount of time.