Modern language

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A modern language is described as one that is still in widespread use today. Modern languages are open to change and taught either formally in schools, or transmitted informally in family and social settings. Major modern languages include English, Russian, Chinese, French, Hindi, Spanish, and Arabic. Modern languages are classifed as such for the purposes of education, and contrasted with classical languages such as Latin, Classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Attic Greek, Classical Arabic etc.

The US-based Modern Language Association serves as a global authority on citation practices and its style guide is a core part of academic social sciences education.

There are numerous resources designed specifically for the acquisition of modern languages, and modern language pedagogy is a burgeoning academic field in its own right, as well as a sub-field of comparative linguistics, anthropology, and area studies. Facility with two or more major modern languages is considered essential for individuals to advance professionally in the globalizing world.