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Multimedia is the use of different types of resources in which to convey an audio or video message. Types of online multimedia include media players, video games, online demos, animated text, data storage systems, and online libraries. These forms of multimedia are used for a variety of purposes.

Uses of multimedia

One of the purposes of is for entertainment. Often people can play music on multimedia devices such as MP3 players, CD players, or computer media players. Usually a person can find on the Internet streams of music, which can be played on demand, either as a free trial or for a small fee. Included in the ability to listen to music upon demand, is the ability to locate millions of radio stations that can be played within seconds of being clicked upon. For example, a person within the United States can click on a link that leads to a radio station in Germany, and usually hear it as plain as day as if the radio station were right next door.

In addition to music being played online, music video and movies are being played online as well. Usually these can be played with the same media player devices as the audio player devices. Often people are able to record movies played from these media devices into a library, either online, or on the computer. A person is also able to record these movies onto a CD-ROM or even a video CD or DVD for repeated use. (Be always sure to check copyright laws when copying any type if music, movie, or other entertainment online)

Also, a person can play online video game for fun. Types of online video games can include word games and puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, action games, and classic arcade games such as pinball. These video games are often either promotional games available to use on a trial basis, and then the player has to then buy it. This is a great way for the person to decide if he or she really likes the game, and if it works well within a particular computer system.

Another common uses of multimedia devices are through advertising. Animated ads, promotional videos, and educational audios are examples of types of ways to promote an Internet product or service. An animated ad can be used to illustrate and educate people about that product or service, by making the ad more noticeable to all.

Another common purpose of online multimedia is for the purpose of scientific research and education. Multimedia for scientific research often includes online books, videos, and audio presentations. It also includes the use of databases to store specific facts and figures. Furthermore, an online scientific report can include animated text for special effect during a live speaking presentation.

One other function of multimedia would be to report the news. Weather reports, world news, and local current events are often displayed online. All kinds of messages are conveyed through the use of traditional forms of media as well. These include TV, radio, game consoles, and CD players.