Music video

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A music video can also be referred to with the name promo or video clip. It is a short video presentation of a song and was in the beginning introduced together with the first implementations of sound in films.


The first music video dates back to 1938. That is when Sergei Eisenstein changed the way sound was used in movies. In the film “Alexander Nevsky” he created choreographed battle scenes. They are considered the first music videos in history. Since then more people started using music to enhance the movie experience. In 1940 Sundies were created. They were short movies used in visual jukeboxes. The idea was to add images to the music so that the experience would be even higher. Tony Bennett is credited with creating the first real music video in 1956. As success was very high more singers started taking up the technique of promotion using music videos. The real landmark was the movie “A Hard Day’s Night”, produced by The Beatles. It influenced the evolution of musical videos in the biggest way possible. Everybody was looking up to it and tried to create something similar. Nowadays the music video was taken to another level. The evolution in technology made it possible to edit and record the short films in a different way. The ending result was a revolution that can still be seen today. Every new video tries to appear with something new and some of them even cost a lot of money to produce. Sometimes that amount is even higher then that used for some full-length movies.


There is no denying that MTV had a huge role in music video evolution. In 1981 it first aired and viewers received the idea of a television broadcasting only video clips all day long with great enthusiasm. The Buggles signed the first music video played with the song named “Video Killed the Radio Star”. As time passed it was clear that the music video was a very powerful marketing tool. MTV quickly became a launching pad for artists and eventually the music video industry evolved again. Directors and actors started to be hired and in some cases, even playwrights were used to create better video clips. Nowadays music videos are broadcasted in several all day long music televisions. Marketing is the real reason behind the creation of video clips. A music video, weather bad or good, can make people listen to a specific track. They can then decide if they like it or not and this process can lead to increase in sales. Specialists consider that the important aspect of the video clip consists in the music and not in the images used. That is why music video creation is not considered an art.