News presenter

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A news presenter presents the news via television or news shows, or the Internet, to the public. Typically this term is not used by those involved in the industry, as these people will use more descriptive terms.

Types of news presenters

  • Newsreader reads the news. Recently, technology has enabled journalists to present the news from locations that are relevant, which has caused the person in the central location to assume the role of newsreader. This term is commonly used outside of the United States and Canada.
  • Newscaster presents a news bulletin. A newscaster is working as a journalist at gathering news and compiling his or her script. In the 1980s, this term was developed to further distinguish an active journalist from a newsreader.
  • News anchors host a radio or television show and present material prepared for a news program. At times, he or she will provide commentary for live presentation. In many cases, anchors write or edit the material for the programs or interview guests and moderate panels. This term, which is mostly used in both the United States and Canada, was coined by CBS News producer Don Hewitt in 1952.

Media professionals vs. journalism

Many people mistakenly associate media personalities with journalists, to the chagrin of many print journalists. Today, in the world of mass media and media consolidation, news anchors are seen as a part of the news trade, rather than journalism. A further distinction exists in human interest and celebrity stories and television shows based around such news. News presenters are often expected by the corporate network news stations to present self-promotional stories. Some critics, in fact, believe that these types of news presenters are the weak link in the trade of television journalism in that they misplace the credit and the accountability of an organization and blur the line of journalistic ethics.