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A novel is a long fictional narrative in prose. It was not until the eighteenth century that the word was used to describe short fictions of love and intrigue, as opposed to calling them romances, which were epic-length, works about love and adventures.

Novel’s development

The novel over the past two hundred years has become one of the major literary genres. Today it is an object of numerous discussions. The novel’s today demands artistic merit, a specific literary style and a layered text. The story must convey a deeper meaning outside of just surface plot points.

Novel over time

The rise of the novel was between 1200-1750. Originally, the novel, was simply a short piece of fiction rivaling the romance (epic-length performances). A development occurred across Europe between 1700-1800, the rise of a new romance happened. It happened in reaction to the production of more raunchy novels.

The new romance genre also adopted the name novel. This new novel was a work of epic proportions. The English and Spanish allowed the word novel to become their regular term for fictional narratives. As a result, the English(Spanish) needed a new word for the original novel. Hence, the term novella was created to fill in the gap in English, short story brought further refinement.