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Numbers are important in every phases of work. Its better used for the counting as it is the basic purpose and nature of numbers. The initial numbers from 1 to 10 are much important then it proceeds further. The number “0” even though not included in the list of counts is as important as other numbers. The origination of the number “0” was from the country India. The concept is now extended to mathematics and the complex derivations from the basic core of numbers. The numbers used for counting as basically known as natural numbers. The number systems in mathematics are composed of Natural numbers which includes integers which again includes rational numbers which includes real numbers and lastly it includes complex numbers. The integers include both positive and negative numbers along with zero. Negative numbers are on the left side of zero and positive numbers are on right side of it. Rational numbers are made of all numbers and fractions and includes numerator and nonzero denominator. The Rational numbers can be positive or negative. The Real numbers are those numbers that can be expressed in decimal places. A dot or comma is used to express the decimal to the right of ‘ones’ digit. Natural numbers and real numbers are used for normal day to day purposes. The scientists use the other forms of numbers for wide calculations. The complex numbers are used with a+bi where a and b are real numbers. The numbers can be used for giving specific names to specific things to give its identity for e.g. Telephone numbers, Bank account numbers, Social security numbers, ISBNS, Identification numbers etc. If the number is too large it can be categorized by superreal, hyperreal and surreal numbers. The numbers can be used better with the use of mathematics operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. This is called abstract algebra.