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Numerology is a study that analyses and establishes the numinous relationships between numbers and objects or living beings. Early mathematicians placed great importance on numerology but is labeled as pseudomathematics and a questionable science.

Significance of numbers

The numbers 0 to 10 are popularly used for character appraisals and predictions.

  • ZERO : This is probably the most powerful number responsible for changes of one extreme to another. It has great intensity and hence is used with great caution.
  • ONE : It is the first number while counting, without which, there would be no system. It represents the starting point and symbolizes perfection. Positive attributes are happiness, romance and charisma, the negative being selfishness, ego and stubbornness.
  • TWO : It represents partnerships, co-operation and teamwork. It also exemplifies the divorce between good and evil, male and female, black and white. It is feminine and intuitive on one hand and overpossesive and grouchy on the other.
  • THREE : It resolves the disunion created by two. It is a lucky number linked with good fortune and riches. It represents intellect and understanding on one hand and pessimism and love for risks on the other.
  • FOUR : It is the first composite number, the earlier three being prime. It denotes the four directions and the Earth in general. It represents practicality and and an independent spirit. The Chinese associate it with death hence some hospitals do not have a fourth floor.
  • FIVE : It is associated with awareness of the five senses. It represents the intellect and analytical ability. It influences one’s health both physical and mental.
  • SIX : It is the builder of relationships and is associated with beauty, diplomacy, charm and grace. Negative attributes include vengeance, jealously and infidelity.
  • SEVEN : It is associated with spirituality and illusion. Seven is considered sacred because there are seven days in a week, seven planets constituted the ancient solar system etc.
  • EIGHT : It is sign of good luck as per the Chinese. It is associated with karma, or one’s actions; a person has to pay for his own actions.
  • NINE : It represents transformations, inventions and discoveries. It takes nine months for a baby to be born, hence this number was considered sacred in ancient times.
  • TEN : This number symbolizes the end of a cycle. It is used as a common base of currencies and number systems, the popular being the decimal system.
  • THIRTEEN : It signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Thirteen lunar months make one year.
  • FIFTY ONE : According to the Bible, this number symbolizes repentance. Numerous biblical examples in Psalms exemplify this.