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Popeye was a musical, which was uncommon for 1980. The songs in Popeye were by Harry Nilsson, and they were very unusual for they were with almost no rhymes. Instead, the songs were structured by using a great deal of repetition in the lyrics, and cross-cutting inside songs to non-musical sequences.


Core Cast

It starred Robin Williams, in his first feature film role, as Popeye; and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl.

Joint Venture

Popeye was a joint production between Paramount Pictures, who were the distributors and producers of the Popeye theatrical cartoons (1933 – 1957) and Walt Disney Productions. The movie was released by Paramount Films.


Popeye was filmed almost entirely on Malta, within the village of Mellieħa, on the northwest coast of the island. The set is now a tourist attraction called Popeye Village.


The film failed to impress at the box office, grossing just a mere $49,823,037 for United States box office sales.


One dark and stormy night, the gruff but goodhearted seaman Popeye rows his small dinghy into the harbor of the quaint seaside community of Sweethaven.

In Sweethaven he rents a room at Oyls boarding house, where he quickly falls for their daughter Olive Oyl. Problem is Olive's hand has already been promised to Captain Bluto, a bully and ruffian who is in charge of collecting taxes for the mysterious Commodore.

Popeye, who was orphaned at an early age, is in the midst of searching for his missing father (or as he calls him Pappy), but what he does not realize is that the storm has brought him closer to his final destination than he ever thought possible.

Along the way, he encounters an assortment of characters, including George W. Geezil and J. Wellington Wimpy, a champion boxer and a greedy taxman. Eventually Popeye and Olive are brought together by Swee'Pea, an adorable orphan of a babe.

Popeye finally meets his father Poopdeck Pappy, from whom he learns the secret to gaining great strength in a rather unique fashion, Spinach.

In the film's final showdown, Popeye uses this knowledge to defeat Bluto and rescue Olive and Swee'Pea. Poopdeck Pappy is able to retrieve his sunken treasure at the location of the final confrontation.