Press secretary

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A press secretary is one who guilds politicians and other people of status in the practice of representing themselves to the public. They are the ones who are the mouth of the particular office in which they represent.

Many government agencies hire press secretaries who will speak for those agencies to the press when the press seeks information. Press secretaries always make sure to represent the government officials they speak for in a positive light. Press secretaries are the ones that the journalists usually talk to when an interview is sought by the media.

A press secretary’s role

The role of a press secretary is a very important job. It requires that the person in that position remain professional at all times. They cannot participate in any talk or activities that would be of conflict of interest to the organization or office that they represent. It is not about personal opinions but the opinion of the group that they represent.

This professionalism required by press secretaries is what helps present a certain image to the public that a particular political office is holding up to what they are required to do and have promised to do. In order for them to do this it is necessary for them to believe in the cause they represent. Otherwise, they could lose their jobs.

Sometimes a press secretary will struggle with having to both answering to the media and to the official that they are speaking for. There is a fine line between wanting to protect the official they represent and wanting to speak the truth to the public. However, as long as they are representing a person of integrity then they usually are able to do their jobs as hired to do-represent an official or government agency in a positive light.


Scott McClellan is one person who represents the U.S. Whitehouse and is a press secretary. He speaks for the White house, especially for the president when the president is not present. Reporters ask him questions and Scott McClellan answers those questions the best he knows how in order to protect those of whom he represents including the president.