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A readme file is almost always an ASCII text file that contains information about other files in a directory. It will usually be named readme.txt, readme.1st,, or simply readme. These are commonly distributed with computer software. The contents usually include operating instructions, a complete file list, and copyright information.

Open source software

Open source software is computer software that is available with its source code, and is under an open source license that allows changes and improvements to it. Open source software, when packaged in source form, often includes a readme file as well as other documentation. For instance, an install file with installation instructions may be included, a copy of the license under which the software is distributed, a frequently asked questions file, or a todo list, listing possible future changes.

Readme festival

The readme festival was held for the first time in moscow, in 2002. The readme festival aims at supporting the production of software art projects and texts that critically engage with software art. The selected artists/writers are awarded production grants. Software art is often produced using conventional software production models. Sometimes, pragmatic software tools get regarded in terms of software art, and vice versa. Software art projects also get used, and sold, as tools.