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The word ring is used to apply to many different items. Some definitions of a ring include a circular object or a small circular band. This term is also used to refer to sport rings used in acrobatics, an arena, boxing ring or an area where an exhibition or contest is taking place. This term is also used to describe compound in chemistry and referred to in mathematics as well.


The ring is a term used most commonly in jewelry. It typically refers to a finger ring used as a hand ornament. Other types of rings used as ornaments include toe rings for adorning the toes, arm rings and earrings. Rings are also used in more untraditional areas of the body such as the nose, tongue and nipples.

Science, engineering and mathematics

In mathematics the term ring is used to refer to an algebraic structure. In chemistry it refers to aromatic compounds as well as heterocyclic compounds. Other terms coined in science include the planetary ring, growth rings, ring species, ring circuits, ring armature, O-ring and piston ring. Some medical references include the Schatzki ring which is a congenital mucosal ring in the esophagus and tinnitus which is a persistent ringing in the ears. In computers the term refers to computer security, networking technology (token ring) and web ring.


These references include things such as the telephone ring, onion rings, ring roads or balt ways, crime ring and many others.