Slow Food

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The Slow Food organization has only been around for roughly 15 or so years yet already have close to one hundred thousand members in over one hundred countries. They are the group that promotes local artisans, farmers, and local flavors through regional events. They currently have offices in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, and New York.

The Snail

The Snail is a magazine that is published quarterly. This publication is a listing of literature on several European nations. They have a list of objectives that they are aspiring to achieve. These range from educating citizens about the risks of fast food, agribusiness, factory farms, monoculture, and dependence on too few varieties. They are trying to focus their efforts in maintaining the culture of the respective countries, and also to support beneficial things such as organic farms and the banning of genetic modified foodstuffs.

Successful or not

It is not entirely certain that they can be considered successful or not. For they have close to one hundred thousand members and this has been built upon a span of one and one half decades. The organization hasn’t been heard of all over though this doesn’t mean that they are failing.

Most of the people in the United States have yet to hear of this organization and there are areas of Europe when they are still unknown. At their rate of expansion they will become a household name, but will the lose sight of their goals or will they continue on the path they have chosen.


Critics that have voiced out on the Slow Food organization have argued that the organization is an elitist group. That they have standards in growing and obtaining and preparing food that is too expensive. Slow Food has claimed that they are striving towards local production and consumption using the best possible practices of professions and science worldwide. Regrettably, much of these means are initially expensive due to all that is needed to implement them, in the long run however, they will prove to be cheaper and better for the people at large.