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Sony Corporation, also known as Sony, is a Japanese electronics company headquartered at Tokyo. It is the parent company of the Sony Group and has six divisions: electronics, music, games, pictures, financial services and other. As of March 31, 2006 it had 158,500 employees. Its major subsidiaries include Sony BMG, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Ericsson and Sony Pictures Entertainment among many others.



The company, which was initially named "Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation", was established after the Second World War in May 1946 by Ibuka Masaru, an electronics industrialist, and Morita Akio, an applied science instructor. The main aim of the company was the application of technology developed for warfare in the manufacturing of consumer products.

Its initial products included the magnetic tape recorder, the G-Type (1950) and the transistor radio, the TR-55 (1955), both introduced for the first time in Japan.

The present name "Sony Corporation" was given to the company in 1958. The word “Sony” was formed from Latin "sonus" which is the root of English words like sonic and sound and Japanese "sonny" meaning "little son"; this, according to Sony, indicated that the company was run by a few young individuals who had great potential.

Other major innovations of Sony Corporation included the world's first transistorized TV set, the TV8-301 (1960), the "trinton" colour TV (1968).

In 1988, Sony purchased the records group of CBS, called CBS Records Inc., which was renamed as Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in January 1991. The popular game console, PlayStation, was released in 1994 and was followed by a more advanced version PlayStation2 in 2000.

Products and services


Sony’s electronic products include:

  • Computers and computer peripherals such as monitors and projectors.
  • Digital cameras including the Handycam and Cyber-shot.
  • Televisions including CRT-based, projection and LCD televisions.
  • Audio equipment, the most famous being the portable audio player “Walkman”. Sony also provides equipment for home and car audio.
  • Mobile phones by its subsidiary Sony Ericsson.
  • Storage media including memory sticks and DVD recorders.
  • The entertainment robot “AIBO”, which was commercially launched in June 1990.


Sony launched the PlayStation video game console the mid 1990s, and sold almost a hundred million different versions globally by 2002.

Financial services

The following are the financial services provided by Sony:

  • Sony Assurance Inc.
  • Sony Bank Inc.
  • Sony Financial Holdings Inc.
  • Sony Finance International, Inc.
  • Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.