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  1. Common Alerting Protocol (3946 bytes)
    13: ...deo]], audio and image capabilities and digital [[encryption]].
  2. Encoder (1204 bytes)
    1: ...y used in communication and electronics, both for encryption and for compression or adaptation to transmission...
  3. Password cracking (3102 bytes)
    5: ...ems are normally stored in an encrypted form. The encryption is one-way strong, meaning that it is easy for a ...
    11: ...sier decryption of the password. This is why most encryption schemes are one-way hashes (like MD5), which are ...
    13: based on using a password dictionary, when the encryption scheme used by the system is known. In a dictiona...
    14: ...string is added at the end of the password before encryption and stored for verification along with the passwo...
  4. Access control (2789 bytes)
    13: *encryption,
  5. How to create a DMG file on an Apple Mac (1292 bytes)
    10: ...ig enough for the data to fit. You should set the encryption to None in this step, and choose Read/Write as th...
  6. Electronic warfare (1995 bytes)
    27: **Encryption, which is used to avoid interception by the enemy
  7. How to convert DMG images to ISO images (2285 bytes)
    15: <pre>hdiutil create -encryption -size 700m ~/Desktop/image.dmg -fs HFS</pre>
  8. Secure electronic transaction (1680 bytes)
    3: form of PGP, and is among the most difficult encryption processes to decrypt.
  9. DVD (2252 bytes)
    11: ==Encryption and Region Keys==
    12: All DVDs are encrypted with a unique eight bit encryption layout. One letter space equals a bit. These eigh...
    18: ...e out. Both went the way of the DVD, using unique encryption methods and compression to utilize the full capab...
  10. 1260 (computer virus) (1975 bytes)
    8: ...areful to use a different encryption key for each encryption.

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